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About us

Tonti Laguna Mobile is a new product development company in Netpeak Group. The company was founded in 2019 and specializes in the development and promotion of in‑house built mobile applications.

22 apps

Among such categories: Utilities, Lifestyle, Health & Fitness, and others

15 million installs

By the middle of 2022, we've reached 2 000 000 installs per month

40+ employees

We have assembled a great team of specialists who have a lot in common

Our Apps

Calorie Counter: Food Tracker

Calories Calculator helps you keep track of the calories you eat to meet your weight goal and live a healthier life. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain weight, or maintain a healthy diet, this app has you covered. All you need to do is enter basic information like your height and weight to get a suggestion of your optimal daily calorie allowance.

Photo Transfer App-Quick Share

Need to send files to another phone or a PC? File Transfer is an intuitive, fast, and secure cross-platform tool that'll bring you a top-notch file-sharing experience.

Water Reminder: Daily Tracker

The water tracker will remind you when and how much water to drink. Setting up a drinking water reminder is easy. It is enough to indicate your weight and height and the application will determine how much water you need.

Food scanner: gluten, allergen

Food Scanner is a simple barcode grocery scanner that lets you quickly discover a food's ingredient information. It's a useful essential if you care about the food you eat. And it's ideal for those with a particular sensitivity or allergy. Or for people with specific diets, such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, halal and kosher.

Measuring Tape: AR Measure App

Measure anything with a handy digital ruler and add notes to your measurements. Measuring Tape app is a smart and easy to use electronic ruler that delivers the same accurate and precise results as a traditional measuring tool.

Intermittent Fasting Tracker

Fasting App is your personal intermittent fasting tracker for a healthier life. Whether you fast for health improvement, detox, religious reasons, long term weight loss, or just to get slim fast, our intermittent fasting tracker will help you easily reach your goal.

Benefits of working with us

We asked our team members what they like the most in their job and found out these main aspects

Office or remote work

Choose between working in our modern coworking space in the heart of Odesa or Kyiv and working remotely from any place in the world. We also provide flexible hours: start working when you like from 8 am till 12 pm.


Our work approach combines the flexibility of a startup — fast decision making, product development culture, transparency of data, as well as the stable foundation — established processes, measurable goals, and opportunities for career growth.

Product company

We are not an outsourcing team, we work on our own development projects in a flexible fast-paced environment making decisions without bureaucratic procedures. The entire team at Tonti Laguna Mobile is involved in the process of creating a new product and its development at all stages, so you will not edit one application for years or dig into someone else's code.

Team Leaders

We are proud that CEO and Product Managers of Tonti Laguna Mobile are true professionals with years of experience in mobile app development and growth. They precisely identify and point to mistakes and more importantly help to solve them. We communicate as equals, make jokes and spend time together :)

Create your own startup

Anyone in our company can propose an idea for a new product and start developing it. No matter whether you are a marketing specialist, designer or CTO, if you have an awesome idea — get ready to be a part of the product development process and watch how the app is getting to the top :) Working at Tonti Laguna Mobile means building products one by one from idea to release.

Team Building

Working at Tonti Laguna Mobile provides employees with a vacation, sick leave, fair higher than average in Ukraine compensation, and access to all the necessary equipment.

Join us!

We have many ideas for new products, but not enough time to turn them all into reality. That's why we are looking for pros in the following fields — let us know using the form below if we sound like a good fit for you

Product Analyst


We grow really fast and always looking for passionate specialists to be a part of our team

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